Zpulser’s revolutionary product line of high-current pulsed plasma generators (HIPIMS/HPPMS) is the first in the world to simultaneously address the importance of voltage rise time, amplitude and oscillation for both magnetron and arc discharge. By doing so, Zpulser’s many global customers gain the ability to improve thin film performance and quality, while reducing manufacturing costs.

Career Opportunities at Zpulser

Zpulser is always looking for highly skilled and talented professionals to help the Company as it works toward developing the next breakthrough in high-pulsed power plasma process technology to help improve the many applications that are limited by conventional plasma technology.

If you are interested in joining the Zpulser team, please send your resume to:

Zpulser, LLC Attn: Human Resources
20 Cabot Boulevard, Suite 300
Mansfield, MA 02048
Fax: 508-618-1265
Email: rabraham@zpulser.com

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