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Zpulser Axia™

Zpulser AXIA is an industry proven and patented pulsed DC HIPIMS/HPPMS solution based on Zpulserʼs innovative pulsed plasma technology.

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Peak Pulse Power up to 0.32 Megawatts

Average Power up to 15 kW

Pulse Length 100 to 3000 μsec

Pulse Frequency 400 Hz

Pulse Type Patented negative unipolar with voltage rise control to achieve high power pulsed discharge in reactive and non-reactive sputtering with the most and fastest arc suppression circuit on the market

Peak Pulse Current up to 300 A

Peak Pulse Voltage 1050 V

Open Pulse Voltage 1200 V

Remote Interface RS232, Ethernet (Standard) Optional: PLC, Profibus or Devicenet

Input Voltage Options 3ɸ: 208, 400, and 480 V

Cooling Air & Water


Recommended for most types of high power sputtering applications such as: Metal, Conductive Reactive Sputtering and Non-Conductive Reactive Sputtering such as AL2O3 (possible), DLC & ITO

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Create new and improved materials

Zpulser AXIA allows users to generate and control the metal ion fraction during the magnetron sputtering process to deposit low stress, extremely dense and excellent adhesion thin films to meet the most demanding applications.

Reactive mode sputtering

Zpulser AXIA creates highly reactive plasma that allows users to sputter in a reactive environment with high deposition rates with the most advanced arc suppression circuit without the need for a positive reversal pulse.

High yield and throughput

Zpulser AXIA offers the most advanced arc suppression system that minimizes the generation of macro particles during the sputtering process. This feature enables users to produce high-quality films at high throughput.

User-friendly interface

Zpulser AXIA has a simple, user-friendly interface that allows users to easily program and operate the HIPIMS/HPPMS generator.

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